Prof. Faruque’s interests and expertise encompass history and theory of subjectivity, environmental humanities, religion and climate change, cross-cultural philosophy, gender hermeneutics, Sufism, Perso-Arabic mystical literature, Islamic philosophy and ethics, history and philosophy of science, Islamic Psychology, and Graeco-Arabica.

Published Articles

Attention, Consciousness,
and Self-Cultivation in Sufi-Philosophical Thought”

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Toward a Neuro‑ethics in Islamic Philosophy: Trauma, Memory, and Personal Identity
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An Empirical Investigation of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory in a Frontier Stock Market.” Indian Journal of Economics and Business.

“Gender Inequality and Economic Growth: A Cross-sectional Analysis of Muslim Countries.” European Journal of Social Sciences.

Published Book Chapters

“Sufism and Philosophy in the Mughal-Safavid Era: Shāh Walī Allāh and the End of Selfhood.” In Islamic Thought and the Art of Translation. Leiden: Brill, 2023, pp. 323–370.

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Book Reviews

Review of “Mohammad Azadpur, Analytic Philosophy and Avicenna: Knowing the Unknown.” The Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies, 6.1 (2021), 102-107.

Virtue Ethics in Sufism? A Review of Atif Khalil, “Repentance and the Return to God: Tawba in Early Sufism.” Journal of Islamic Ethics 4 (2020): 259-63.

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Review of Eiyad S. Al-Kutubi, “Mulla Sadra and Eschatology: Evolution of Being.” Routledge. Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

Public Scholarship

We Are Not Our Brain: How Poets and Philosophers Saw the Immaterial Life of the Self
Renovatio, Spring 2024

“Doğayla Birlikte Yaşamak? İslam, İklim Değişikliği Ve Eko-Felsefe.” [Coexistence with Nature?: Islam, Climate Change, and Eco-philosophy] Sabah Ülkesi (Cologne), 64 (Jul 2020): 66-71.

“Dil, Varlik ve Öznellik: Gerçekliğin Inşasi” (Language, Being and Subjectivity: The Construction of Reality)

“Islam, Nature and Climate Change.” Origins 50.1 (April 2020): 13-15.

Forthcoming Books/Articles/Book Chapters

  1. The Interconnected Universe: Sufism, Climate Change, and Ecological Living, in progress.
    This study aims to develop a new theory of the human and the more-than-human world relationship based on a cross-cultural, multidisciplinary approach that draws on contemporary perspectives in the environmental humanities, on one hand, and classical and contemporary sources in Sufism, on the other. Alongside developing a theory of what I call the “interconnected universe,” this study also argues that Sufi contemplative practices support and foster an active engagement toward the planet’s well-being and an ecologically viable way of life and vision through an “anthropocosmic” vision of the self.
  2. Opening Pandora’s Box: AI, Transhumanism, and the Existential Threats of Technology, in progress.
  3. A Cultural History of South Asian Literature, Volume 3: The Early Modern Age (1400-1700). The
    Cultural Histories Series. Co-edited with Shankar Nair. London: Bloomsbury, 2024.
  4. “The Self.” In Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward Zalta and Uri Nodelman, forthcoming. (14,000 words).
  5. “Beyond Technological Fixes: Sufism, Contemplation, and Climate Change as Human Predicament,” Journal of Contemplative Studies, completed and forthcoming.
  6. “Decolonizing the Muslim Mind: A Philosophical Critique,” Philosophical Forum, under review.
  7. “Immortality through AI?: Transhumanism, Human Nature, and the Quest for Spiritual Machines.” In Transhumanism, Immortality, and Religion. Edited by Timothy Knepper. New York: Springer, forthcoming [2025].
  8. “ʿAyn al-Quḍāt.” In Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward Zalta, completed and forthcoming. (11,000 words) [Co-authored with M. Rustom].
  9. “The Self.” St. Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology, edited by Alexander Wain. Completed and forthcoming, at (12,000 words).
  10. “Ethics of Selfhood and Human Flourishing in Islamic Thought.” In the Oxford Handbook of Islamic Ethics, edited by Mustafa Shah. New York: Oxford University Press, completed and forthcoming [2024].
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